Saturday, April 29, 2017

Victor Frankenstein

Hello fellow creatures of the night. Time for us to check out a movie that is not only a known story, but a sci-fi movie of death, life, insane scientist, and a semi new twist to a known story. I give you, Victor Frankenstein!

The movie opens with the line of 'we all know the story'. The narrator then takes us to a time before the horror of the Frankenstein monster. A poor hunchback with no name works for a circus as a clown. Although treated cruelly, he has a unwavering thirst for knowledge. Mostly about human anatomy. After a aerialist artist (whom is his love interest), falls and is severely wounded, the hunchback and a circus spectator use their knowledge to help save her life. The spectator is revealed to be Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein frees the hunchback from the circus because of his intelligence and wants him to assist him in his work. The hunchback is apparently not a real hunchback, as the hump on his back is just an overgrown abscess that has not been drained for near 18 years. Victor then gives him the name Igor, after a roommate that seems to not be around. Victor shows Igor his ambition to give life to dead things, and the two team up with the goal to create life from death.

The Frankenstein story is as redone as Dracula's. All versions have their own twist to the story. Heck one of my favorite Dracula stories is the one with Gary Oldman in it. These redo's of these stories are usually done to give a new fresh spin to a classic story that is known by virtually everyone. This one in a way does that as the story is seen through the eyes of Igor. Giving him a background story and a bigger part. Even though he isn't actually in the original story...well, that's not the point. This movie borrows a few elements from movies like Sherlock Holmes. Example being, the way Victor and Igor see people and animals. They see their anatomy. Which is pretty cool. The love connection between Igor and the aerialist is nice, but it would of made more of an impact if she has showed him some kind of interest before he lost his hump and became a nice looking fellow. That would of added to her character. Plus, why  not just keep him as a hunchback? Yes, they made Igor sweet and awkward, but I would of really been rooting for him if they had just kept him as the underdog with a hump.

 Aside from the flaws its an ok movie. Its the movie you watch when nothing else is on. Its a movie that maybe only a few will find it ok, some may love it, and others may just plain despise it. The sets are beautiful and Igor being the moral compass of the duo rather than the creepy guy is not too bad of a change. One final thought however. People, Daniel Radcliffe is grown up. He is not Harry Potter anymore. Let it go. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna reanimate this rotten avocado....IT'S ALIVE!!! And its trying to eat my foot.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Veil

Hello fellow creatures of the night. I bring to you a tale of tragedy, documentary making, and why cults are never a good idea. Put down that poisoned drink or food and check out the movie, The Veil.

We start out seeing the dead bodies of a cult who has apparently committed mass suicide. The cops who are collecting evidence and such stumble upon a little girl who smiles at them and tells them, 'don't worry. He's gonna bring them back'. Fast forward a few years later and that little girl has grown and is called Sarah. She has been asked by film maker Maggie, to go with her and her crew to the cults old home to find out what really happened to the people of the cult. Maggie says that they can find out because there are old films there that may hold the answers. Reluctantly, Sarah says yes and once there, she begins to remember little bits and pieces. Soon they find the tapes and more than Sarah's lost identity is found. Instead, the crew and the lone cult survivor discover that this cult was doing more than just being a cult. They were experimenting with death.

I have to admit, this movie was pretty interesting. It held my attention even though most of it was flash back via old 'home' movies and such. Heck, I would of love to of seen the beginning of the films cult by making a movie of said cult as it rises to its tragic end, and the original movie the sequel. But I guess that's were the movies flaws show. It starts out like other horror movies. We see the tragic start that fuels the continuation of one or more of the main characters. We are introduced to side characters (that are sometimes forgettable). We get introduced to the dilapidated building or area of said tragedy. We get some scares and background get the idea. The point is that I was more interested in the cult and its beginning and characters, than the 'present' day characters and their story. I wanted to know how this guy found out he had this power and how he got more and more recruits to follow him. Instead of that though, you will get a lead character who is the stereotypical over obsessive film maker who will do anything to discover the truth, (even though many signs are pointing to 'get the frack out of Dodge') because of a personal reason.

Aside from some plot holes, its a movie worth a watch. The ending will make you scratch  your head in confusion, but what horror movie ending doesn't anymore? Its a movie that if you see it, you see it. And if  you don't, you will live. Plus it shows that joining cults is not a good idea. Unless its the cult of Pyramid Head. Come my fellow Pyramid Heads! Let us wear our triangle hats, carrying our large knifes, and wearing our butcher aprons. Don't judge me. I'll sick Alyssa on you!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Late Phases

Hey there all you spooky freaky people. Time to go to your friendly Retirement Community. Full of older folks baking cookies, being nosy, and your blood thirsty neighborhood werewolf.

We are introduced to Ambrose. A blind senior who is moving to a local retirement community, and as you can guess, he is not very happy or pleasant Yep, he is the grumpy old man. He greets his neighbor nicely though, but the welcoming community, not so much. Anyways, he and his dog are settling in for their first night in their new home, when he hears a violent disturbance at his neighbors. He is then attacked by, as you can guess, a werewolf. He fights off the large lycan, learns about his neighbors bloody demise, and the fact that apparently once a month these types of attacks happen. With his heightened sense of smell and hearing, he goes off to track down the murderous creature and put it down.

This movie was not so bad. I mean there are a lot of bad werewolf movies out there and its so hard, at least for me, to find a good one. This one was decent. I like that the focus is around a very unlikely hero. I mean a blind senior man fighting werewolves? That is a pretty creative idea. Especially with the senior part. You always see these werewolf movies that are centered around younger people. Plus this takes place in a retirement community and spoiler alert, the werewolves are NOT young people. But you do keep guessing about who the werewolf is and your constantly rooting for this man who is the only one trying to do anything about it. The cops are pretty much portrayed as 'useless'. Especially the one who keeps making fun of the elderly even in serious situations. If your looking for a character to hate, go with the bad cop. I wish he would of been eaten by the werewolves.

I recommend this movie indefinably. Its not a big budget movie. The werewolves were pretty much people in obvious costumes. Not the best, but the transformation scenes were where the extra money went. They weren't 'American Werewolf in London' great, but it wasn't terrible. The story pretty much makes up for that. See it, and enjoy. Just beware of retirement communities and that friendly old lady. She may be making cookies by day, but becomes a vicious schnauzer at night. No granny, that's a bad granny! Stop chewing on your neighbors!

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Shrine

Hey there my fellow blood and gore fans. Time to bring out your creepy iron masks and passports, cause we are heading for Polish country.

Our story begins with a couple, Carmen and Marcus, heading for break-up town cause Carmen is so focused on her journalist job. Wanting to do something that is considered serious writing, she learns about a local guy who had gone missing in Poland. She and her intern, Sara, take up the case, and with Marcus, goes to the last place the missing man was seen, a small village called Alvania. Once there, the threesome find the villagers unwelcoming and very stand offish. As they wonder around they see what looks to be a thick fog cloud in the forest. As they head towards it they are stopped by the villagers who insist that they leave. That doesn't stop them though as they find another way to the fog. Carmen and Sara journey into the fog. What they find is a evil looking statue. What they don't know, is that once you see the statue, you have sealed your fate.

This movie  may not have been scary, but its a dang good story and thriller film. It was slow in the beginning, but once you got to Poland, wow. Your in for the time of your life. And the people you think are the bad guys, are not what you think. You learn the reason for the coldness that the villagers have to new people, you learn that nothing is as it seems, and you also learn that if you don't know Polish, you can't understand what the frack these people are saying! Seriously, would it have spoiled the plot if we had some subtitles??...maybe so. Very clever. Anyways, I highly recommend this movie. See it and enjoy!  
You know, if Silent Hill has taught me anything, its that places with permanent fog are to be avoided at all costs. Take the lesson people! You may not run into Pyramid Head in that fog, but you still will not like the results.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Alright my spooky children time to make our way back into an old haunted mansion and renovate the spirits out of it. Grab your sledge hammer, its time to check out the movie, Alter.

In a English country side a family is off to an old manor. Mom, being the main bread winner of the family, has been commissioned to restore the house to its former glory. Unknowing to her, a couple of spirits are awaken and as she goes about her job, her children start seeing funky ghosts and her husband starts going through a dark sinister change.

Now this movie held a lot of promise. The story seemed to be getting very compelling as it moved on, and you were intrigued by the change in the father and wanted to know more about the history of the house and its past occupants. Sadly, that's were it ends and you are left with more questions than answers. You want to know the history of the house but all you get is a quick 'oh, this artist lived here with his wife and they died'. That's the history lesson. You don't get a flashback to tell you what happened, you don't get a diary that one of the family members reads, you don't even get the ghost saying what happened to them. All you get is a quick internet search done by the mom and even that doesn't answer anything. If anything your sitting there thinking, 'what was the point? Who were these people and why are their spirits doing this? And why should I care? The ghost effects were pretty novice. It looked like a first year film students attempt at creating a ghost effect. And if leaving you with more questions than answers gets under your skin, than the ending will too.

Aside from all that, I think it It did keep me interested. Its one of those movies that maybe if I watched it again I'd get the entire plot, I don't know. It wasn't terrible, but I'm not sure if I'd watch it again even if it meant getting the whole history of the manor. I leave it up to ya'll to decide. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sledge hammer, and I'm not gonna let it go to waste. Dee smash!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hellraiser Inferno

N: I was quite amazed that Christy from the first few films showed up; all grown up now and married continues to survive as Pinhead hunts her. But things once again become quite obscured and a strange mystery evolves. Chrisies husband lands in hot water; accused of murdering his wife. His memory has become faltered and his dreams seem to come alive right before him. People are dying all around him. I finally find myself enjoying this trilogy and hope that the next few films are worth watching.

Written by Founder Nicholas Lewis on 11/2/14

hellbound-Hellraiser II

N: The trilogy continues as Pinhead takes the previous characters directly into the labyrinth of hell. A maze of which has no ending. A place controlled by your fear and watched over by the Senebites. Again the box that has been open must be shut in order to escape from this hell and return to the natural world, but as this flick evolves; flesh brings pleasures and pain that can not be turned away.

Written by Founder Nicholas Lewis on 11/2/14